In each generation, there are certain artists who represent the best of who we are.  There are great singers, then there is a small group of people who were born to sing.  And still, within the small group of those who were born to sing, there are those who were born to make people feel through the vehicle of song.  Those people appear once or twice in a generation.  For those who have experienced Kenya’s gift, it is clear that she is a member of this exclusive group.

Not since Whitney Houston has the world seen a woman with runway supermodel looks who has the ability to sing like an angel.  Kenya, statuesque, slim and standing at about six feet tall has blossomed- from the shy girl who began singing at the age of four in her native and tropical island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands- into an elegant and graceful chanteuse who will one day be mentioned along with the pantheon of musical royalty.

Amongst her contemporaries, Kenya stands out by having the ability to seamlessly compose and perform diverse genres of music including but not limited to R & B, Reggae, Jazz, Dance and Pop.  Listening to her 2011 Heart Music EP and her recently released full album entitled, If I Could, it is clear that not only has Kenya mastered the art and science of vocal performance, but she exhibits a songwriting intelligence that many artist work years to develop.

In terms of studio production, Kenya has worked with renowned Caribbean and American producers such as Jason Farmer, Renan Harrigan, Bambu Station, Dean Pond, Tommy Ross and many more.

Kenya has been featured on the highly anticipated concert Tempo Turns One, and has performed on the same stage as Morgan Heritage, Dezarie, and Rock City, just to name a few.  She has been the handpicked opening act for artists such as Wyclef Jean, Big Mountain, and Bambu Station.

During a historic performance in St. Thomas at the famed Reichold Center Amphitheatre, Kenya definitively showed all observers that she is the future by not only opening for, but later being called impromptu to perform on stage with Grammy winning soul singer/songwriter India Arie, resulting in an emotional standing ovation from the audience.

As the legendary Jazz virtuoso Winton Marsalis said, “Great art doesn’t come to you, you have to come to great art.” For those who love great art, you will simply have to come to Kenya.